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About Erectile Dysfunction

There are a lot of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (also known as ED), which is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. This can cause stress and embarrassment about a situation they cannot control because it is a medical condition. ED is a common problem and there are solutions. GAINSWave is a nonsurgical procedure developed as a solution to ED caused by poor blood flow and conditions like Peyronie's disease. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, GAINSWave is a treatment offered at The Colorado Center for Health and Longevity to stimulate blood circulation, build new blood vessels, and clear out built-up scar tissue. To learn more about GAINSWave, schedule a consultation with board-certified physician Dr. Ian Levenson at his office in Greenwood Village.


Erectile dysfunction is common among middle-aged and older men. Those who have ED often have trouble achieving or maintaining an erection that is suitable (hard enough) for intercourse. There are many reasons why a man may have ED, including age or lifestyle choices (i.e. obesity, drugs, excessive drinking, steroids). ED may also be caused or exacerbated by a medical condition, like kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Psychological factors such as anxiety, depression, and stress can also be contributors. While the root cause of ED may vary, it most often results in an insufficient blood flow to the penis, which can be treated.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is most often associated with a man who cannot get or maintain a penile erection. Other symptoms include reduced sexual desire, premature or delayed ejaculation. These symptoms may occur occasionally without concern, but when they become chronic or become worse, you should speak to a doctor to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. If the penis becomes bent or curved when erect, you may have Peyronie's disease, which can lead to painful erections or ED. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Levenson at his office in Greenwood Village if you have any symptoms or concerns about ED.

Treatment Options

After assessing your medical history and performing a thorough exam, Dr. Levenson may diagnose you with erectile dysfunction and suggest treatment options. To treat ED without medication or surgery, Dr. Levenson offers GAINSWave nonsurgical treatments at his office. Using safe pulse waves to improve blood flow, GAINSWave takes about 30 minutes in the comfort of one of our private treatment rooms. During the GAINSWave procedure, the handheld device will be passed over your penis and genital area to break up plaque blocking the existing blood vessels while also stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. Most patients need about 6 – 12 sessions, but they notice results that can last up to two years. After your GAINSWave treatment, you may notice an improvement in erections, orgasms, your sexual performance, and sensations. GAINSWave can also be used along with the P-Shot or another treatment for male enhancement.

Erectile Dysfunction Help

At The Colorado Center for Health and Longevity in Greenwood Village, Dr. Levenson is committed to bringing you the most advanced technology to solve your erectile dysfunction. A nonsurgical ED solution with proven results, GAINSWave treatments can help you whether you want to treat your erectile dysfunction or enhance your sexual performance. Instead of drugs like Viagra and Cialis with possible side effects, schedule a consultation with Dr. Levenson to learn more about GAINSWave to treat ED.

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