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Before you make your first appointment with Dr. Ian Levenson, it's important that you understand the focus of The Colorado Center for Health and Longevity and how we can help you. This is why we've compiled reviews from other websites so you can read about the real experiences of Dr. Levenson's patients. In their own words, former and current patients write about how much they've benefited from their treatment by Dr. Levenson. Take some time to read the reviews and stories of our patients so you feel confident that making an appointment at The Colorado Center for Health and Longevity is the best choice for your health.

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Review from J.C.  |  Source: Google  |  Jul 21, 2019

Dr. Levenson is so amazing! He does my Botox, filler, oh shot, and prescribed me my skin routine. Can I just tell you this man transformed my life! Lol. In 2011 I had broken my upper jaw that forced my teeth back (I know horrific) and as a result my top lip lost a lot of volume. When I finally got the courage to do filler..(I was scared because I didn’t want to look fake) Dr. Levinson WOULD NEVER make anyone look over done. I feel like I got my beauty back after feeling very insecure from the trauma I experienced from my accident. As far as the oh shot, can I just say... I have spent YEARS in bladder pain. Chronic, constant bladder pain. I got so used to it... I didn’t know what it felt like to not have my bladder “on” 24/7. That’s not an exaggeration. I told Dr. L this and he said let’s try the oh shot for you to help regenerate that tissue around the urethra. Well can I tell you after YEARS of dealing with this I have had such an amazing reduction that I can enjoy normal activities like the gym, the movies, meditation class. All those things suffered because my life revolves around trickling urine. I don’t have leakage anymore, I don’t get up constantly in the night. I used to get up to use the restroom 3-5 times a night. It WAS AWFUL. I feel like a normal human being again!!!!!!! Oh, also I used to have horrible acne in my teens and 20s and now at 33 I feel and look healthier & younger than I did then!!!! More

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