Dr. Levenson's Training Programs


Dr. Ian Levenson has been in practice for 33 years with an extensive background in prevention and anti-aging therapies and treatments. Combining the powerful effects of microneedling with PRP therapy, Dr. Levenson is skilled and competent to perform all of the Vampire procedures and integrates them with hormonal therapy and aesthetic dermatology. This unique and powerful blend of two progressive treatments creates smoother, clearer, tighter, and rejuvenated skin for both men and women.

Dr. Levenson has trained numerous times with world-renown physicians, Dr. Charles Runels in PRP, Dr. Zein Obagi in aesthetic dermatology, and Dr. Geno Tutera in hormonal therapy. These physicians, experts in their prospective therapies, have allowed Dr. Levenson to formulate a unique view and create his own specialized training that pulls each therapy together for exceptional outcomes.

Currently, Dr. Levenson offers training for the following treatments:

  • O-shot®
  • P-Shot®
  • Vampire Facelift®
  • Vampire Facial®
  • Vampire Breast Lift®


Course Description

The training course will cover all of the Vampire procedures: Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Facial®, Vampire Breast Lift®, P-Shot®, and O-shot®. Trainees will learn specific techniques in filler injections and BOTOX that are unique to anywhere else other than the CMA Trainings. There will be an opportunity to discuss the integration of hormonal therapy into the aging process. Extensive marketing techniques and the ability to generate patient volume will be a major emphasis.

If you are interested to learn more about this advanced training program and to register for an upcoming training session, please contact The Colorado Center for Health and Longevity for more information.