O-Shot™ Dr. Ian Levenson

About O-Shot™

Hi, I'm Dr. Ian Levinson, the Medical Director of the Colorado Center for Health and Longevity. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the O-Shot. The O-Shot is a procedure that we use in females to help with certain situations that females sometimes are uncomfortable about talking about.

One is stress incontinence where they jump or exercise or laugh and they lose urine. Two is vaginal dryness or pain on intercourse. Three is having difficulties with orgasms. Multiple different aspects of this are very difficult for people to bring up, but now that we have a solution for them, you should seek those kinds of solutions.

Generally with all of these issues especially with low libido or decreased sexual desire, we have the ability to combine the O-Shot with hormonal therapy, especially pellets that have a small amount of testosterone in them that helps with libido and some of the other issues with sexual dysfunction in females. However, the O-Shot on top of that, adds a new dynamic aspect to that.

In this particular procedure, it uses what we call platelet rich plasma. The platelet rich plasma is where we draw your blood from your arm, we spin that down. We take the red cells and the white cells out and it leaves us with platelets and growth factors. Those growth factors are the genetic code specific to your own body that will go and regenerate different aspects of what we need.

We can use that in the vaginal area to regenerate and regrow different areas that we want to help you with. So therefore, you can use your own genetic code, it's very natural in order to solve these problems. The end result of this is that you have more enhanced sexual enjoyment and vaginal health and vaginal rejuvenation. If you want more information about that, please call my office.