Vampire™ Face Lift

Vampire™ Face Lift Dr Ian Levenson

About Vampire™ Face Lift

Hello. I'm Dr. Ian Levenson, the Medical Director for the Colorado Center for Health and Longevity. And today I was gonna talk to you a little bit about a new procedure called the 'Vampire Facelift'. Truly what the vampire facelift is, is we take a filler, hyaluronic acid and we mix it with your own blood products called platelet rich plasma, which are the genetic factors from your body that we use to rejuvenate your face.

As you age you lose volume. Volume in your cheek area, volume in your eye trough area, volume in your nasolabial folds and sometimes in your mouth that creates the frowning look. In order to recreate that, we wanna recreate volume that reverses that as well as youthful looking skin. So what we is, is we take a numbing cream and we place the numbing cream on your face so it numbs that up. And then we first start with the filler of the hyaluronic acid. That's what adds volume.

So we customize that approach to your face. We look at you, we see what aspects of your face have volume loss. Whether it's in the cheeks, the marionette lines, which are these lines that cause you look like your frowning instead of smiling, possibly your nasolabial folds, your eye trough area. It's customized to where you have volume loss. We then inject that and then we use that as a scaffolding. On top of that we take your PRP or your platelet rich plasma. That is where we take your blood and we take it from your arm. We spin that down and we remove the white and red cells. And we're left with platelets, which are actually the driving forces that have your growth factors with that.

And those are what use your own genetic code to rejuvenate your face. So in the end result, we have this customized look that make you more youthful looking in appearance, and more natural. It's a very easy process to do. Please call my office if you have any other questions.