Vampire Procedures and PRP (Platelet rich plasma)

Vampire Procedures & PRP

Hi, I'm Dr. Ian Levinson. I'm the medical director of the Colorado Center for Health and Longevity. Today I'd like to discuss with you a little bit about a new innovative technology called platelet rich plasma. Platelet rich plasma is a unique technology where we actually draw your own blood from your arm, and we take that and we spin it with a centrifuge, so we can take the red and the white cells out of your blood, and leave you with your platelets and your plasma. In that solution of platelets and plasma, we have a number of things called growth factors. Actually, there are about 30 of them. Those are what we call the "healing" factors of your body. Those will go through your body and heal different areas that you need to have healing or regeneration aspects of your body.

We can use that for all different types of things that we want to do or regenerate, and we can utilize those for orthopedic procedures. So, we can take that and inject it into your joints if we want to regenerate something with one of your joints. We can take that and actually inject it into your scalp for both men and women, and we can regenerate hair growth in certain individuals if they meet certain criteria for that in order to regenerate hair growth. We can also do a number of aesthetic procedures that we've developed for that. We call those the Vampire procedures. Vampire because vampires live forever and they use blood, so it's a coy statement on that type of a situation. We can use those for on your face. We actually do a face lift utilizing your own blood, which regenerates your face and revamps your face and causes it to look young, new, fresh, and different.

We can also do that with a facial aspect of that, which is not quite as significant a procedure as the face lift is of itself. We can also do that, what we call a Vampire breast lift or we can affect women who have augmented breasts that want to have a little bit different orientation for that, or people who need some help in the cleavage area or aspects of that, with this PRP. We also can do that in other areas, such as if women have stress incontinence, where they cough or sneeze and they lose urine. We can inject in the urethral area, which will help certain individuals in that area, and also men who have erectile dysfunction areas.

So, there's a number of different issues that, and medical situations that we can use this regenerative healing power. We're coming up with new and different ideas all the time. Should you be interested or want to know more about this technology, please call my office, (303) 221-5400. Thank you and have a great day.